Wheel Alignment in Erie, PA

Having proper wheel alignment is important when it comes to your vehicle’s safety and driveability. Properly aligned wheels will ensure that you are able to accurately control and steer your car. Wheels that are out of alignment can cause trouble when steering and can lead to damage of other surrounding parts, including to your tires.

Many drivers are often delayed in taking vehicle alignment problems to a mechanic. Even though it may not seem like a serious issue, your car actually can be very dangerous to drive when you have an alignment problem. Because of this, it's best to address the problem as soon as possible to avoid further damages to your vehicle and risking your safety.

Harrell Automotive has been providing wheel alignment services in Erie, PA for over 10 years. We offer quality work at affordable rates, and we guarantee our work. With our trained professionals, we can get your vehicle back on the road in no time! If you are looking for an alignment shop that offers guaranteed satisfaction, try us today.

Signs Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment

Automotive wheel alignment is available here at our shop in Erie, PA for customers who need an alignment for their cars, trucks or SUVs. If you are experiencing any of the the following symptoms, then chances are it's time to have your wheels aligned:

  • Your car pulls to one side of the road
  • Uneven wearing of tires
  • Vehicle feels unstable
  • Vehicle pulls to one side of the road
  • The steering wheel is off-center when driving straight

Having your wheels aligned earlier helps to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently by promoting better gas mileage and reduced tire wear. For those looking for professional help with their vehicle's alignment problem, Harrell Automotive offers same-day service.

Your Local Wheel Alignment Experts

We are located in Erie, PA but we proudly service surrounding areas as well such as Millcreek Township, Amherst, Avonmore or any other part of Erie County. Our staff is well-trained to handle all types of vehicles including light trucks, SUVs, minivans and many more. Whether you're looking for basic wheel alignment, or need one of your CV joints repaired, trust the team at Harrell Automotive for all of your vehicle’s suspension and wheel needs.

For wheel alignment in Erie, PA, feel free to give us a call or schedule your visit using our online appointment form.