Suspension Repair & Service in Erie, PA

Your suspension is important in keeping your tires on the pavement and your vehicle under control — a problem with the suspension system can start affecting how well you steer or brake. When this occurs, it's time to schedule an appointment at Harrell Automotive, the trusted car suspension repair shop in the area for professional repairs.

If you feel that your vehicle pulls to one side, you have a hard time keeping your car straight, or constantly feel as if you might run off the road – all this could be due to a suspension problem. Proper alignment makes sure that your tires are in-line with your suspension system. If your wheels are out of alignment, this could lead to issues with steering and controlling your car overall.

Symptoms of Suspension Problems

Suspension repairs are one of the most common auto maintenance needs. If not taken care of, these small issues can quickly lead to bigger problems. If you notice any of the following 6 signs, it means your suspension needs repair:

  • Your car is difficult to handle
  • Your car drifts or pulls to one side
  • Car sits low
  • Oily shocks
  • Too bouncy

Suspension maintenance and regular inspections can save you both time and money down the road. Be proactive and ensure all suspension problems are taken care of now so that they don't get worse and become more extensive over time.

Prompt And Professional Services And Repairs

For over 10 years, we have provided trusted suspension parts for a variety of domestic and foreign models, as well as expert advice on how to maintain your ride properly. From brakes and rotors to struts and suspension, our certified technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing issues and restoring your vehicles' performance to pre-existing standards.

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