Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Erie, PA

A flashing check engine light can be a sign of a problem with one of your car's major systems, including the fuel injectors, catalytic converter or oxygen sensors. The first step in diagnosing and fixing this issue is to come to Harrell Automotive for an accurate code reading. If your check engine light is flashing quickly, it could mean there's an impending problem with your car. Don't ignore it!

At Harrell Automotive, we don't just diagnose and repair your check engine light. We figure out what's causing the trouble, so you can avoid it in the future. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your vehicle and use digital tools to extract the specific codes that are causing the trouble. Once we know what's causing the check engine light, we repair it using only genuine parts and state-of-the-art equipment. Let us take care of you so you can focus more on enjoying your ride!

5 Common Signs of Engine Trouble

As a car owner, it is important to look out for early warning signs of impending trouble with your car. Here are the top signs you should look out for before going to a check engine light diagnostic garage:

  1. Check engine light
  2. Reduced performance
  3. Increased exhaust
  4. Rough idle
  5. Worsening gas mileage

At Harrell Automotive, we understand that engine problems can be stressful. That's why we offer a diagnostic service for your car's check engine light so you can get back on the road quickly. Our mechanics are experts in diagnosing and repairing both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Made Easy

For over 10 years, our auto specialists have been helping drivers from all over with their vehicle problems. If you require a quick diagnosis of your check engine light, we offer same day service, complete with a diagnosis report and car troubleshooting.

When it comes to check engine light repairs in Erie, look no further. Visit Harrell Automotive today at 1617 Peninsula Drive, Erie, PA 16505 for quality auto service you can trust. For more information, contact us today!