Signs It's Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

The condition of your vehicle's fuel system has a high impact on engine performance and gas mileage. Having the fuel cleaned occasionally ensures that every component of the system is free of dirt, grime, and debris, resulting from wear and tear. Therefore, it saves you money and prevents unexpected breakdowns. You need to always be on the lookout and take your car to an expert auto care center whenever you notice signs of a failing fuel system.

Failed Emission Test

A clean fuel injection system means clean fuel delivery, which in turn leads to clean exhaust fumes. The fuel system limits toxic and carbon emissions. If your car fails the emission/smog test required in many states, that's a sign that you need to find a certified technician to clean the system.

Valve Carbon Build-up

Even with clean fuel, there are still some impurities that enter the fuel injection system. With time, the carbonized substances build up on the internal surfaces and around valve seals, disrupting their optimal functioning. Clogged valve seals are some of the common problems, and it would be best to ensure that your fuel injection valves are clean for maximum fuel injection.

Dwindling Fuel Efficiency

Car manufacturers design fuel systems to deliver a precise amount of gas within a certain period to ensure the engine runs as intended while maintaining low fuel consumption. However, if the system becomes clogged, your engine's fuel economy decreases. Therefore, if you notice that you cover fewer miles per gallon, you might want to check the injection system and have it professionally cleaned.

Injector Cleaning

The fuel injectors are designed with a needle-like nozzle that sprays a fine mist of gas. They play a crucial role in regulating the fuel density and size of gas droplets. When used for many years, unused fuel tends to deposit on the nozzles, thereby interfering with the normal function of the injector pintles. Generally, it is recommended that you clean your fuel injectors every 15,000 miles, although the interval varies, depending on your vehicle system's configuration.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the signs mentioned above, we would like to help. Bring your car to certified and highly experienced technicians, and we'll provide affordable and professional injection system cleaning.