Five Signs of Spark Plug Stress and Failure

Ready, Set, Go? Well, maybe not if your car's spark plugs aren't in good order. These vital components screw into each engine cylinder to make your car 'go'. Spark plugs provide the electrical arc igniting the fuel and air in a car's combustion engine. They deteriorate at varying rates due to normal usage, accumulating engine debris, extreme environmental pressures, and accidents. To ensure the healthy, safe, and economical performance of your vehicle, be on the watch for these five signs that your spark plugs may need replacing.

  1. Engine Misfires - If your engine is misfiring it may be that the electrodes of your spark plugs have worn down to the point where they cannot ignite the fuel and air mixture in the car's combustion chamber.
  2. Poor Acceleration - If you're experiencing hesitant acceleration, especially at low speeds, this can indicate weakened ignition coils in your spark plugs, preventing the car from generating sufficient power.
  3. Rough Engine Idle - If your engine has increased vibrations and noise when idling, your sparks may need replacing. Shaking whilst driving at low speeds can be another indication of faulty spark plugs.
  4. Poor Fuel Economy - Failing spark plugs can result in high fuel consumption and increased emissions, bad for our wallets and the environment. If your spark plugs aren't combusting effectively your car's engine control unit will compensate by consuming more fuel.
  5. Engine Won't Start - Engine stalls and fails can be the result of broken or overly worn plugs that are unable to provide the current and voltage required to launch your engine into action.


To avoid engine damage, costly repairs, or the hassle of being stranded at 'go', keep an eye out for any of the above symptoms. 


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