Does Brake Fluid Go Bad?

The short answer to this is; Yes! Brake fluid does go bad.

Your car's brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means that it can easily absorb moisture from the atmosphere. As it absorbs more water each day, it becomes less effective when used on your car's braking system. Besides, contaminated fluid has a low boiling point which translates to reduced performance. Given the pressure it is exposed to; it is crucial that the brake fluid maintains its optimum boiling point. This will ensure that the brakes work perfectly and prevent the brake pedal from becoming spongy.

So How Long Should Brake Fluid Last

If unopened and stored in ideal conditions, your brake fluid is most likely to last two years. It is essential that you only purchase enough fluid for your car as it will start to deteriorate in quality as soon as it is opened. Once it's in the vehicle, its longevity depends on equipment type, the operating environment, and the application upon which the fluid is used. For instance, drivers operating in high humidity areas might have to change their brake fluids more often as moisture seeps through the seals and hoses. Similarly, racers also tend to change their car brake fluids more times as it operates in tremendously high-temperature conditions. Here are some of the common indicators that it is finally time to change your brake fluid;

  • Your ABS warning light comes on
  • The brake pedal feels firmer or more depressed than usual and is also unresponsive,
  • Strange noises every time you brake
  • You smell burning rubber when you drive.

Most vehicle manufacturers maintain that unopened brake fluid has no specific expiry date. That means that you can use a bottle of brake fluid that has been lying in your garage for months on your car and expect it to offer good performance. If it has been opened, however, even if for a few minutes, moisture will be introduced into the equation, and your brake fluid will absorb it.

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