3 Things That Can Secretly Kill Your Battery

Certain conditions can be harsh on your car battery. Next thing you know, you're wondering why you have to keep jump-starting your vehicle. Read on to learn more about the 3 things that can harm your vehicle's battery performance:

Powering Too Many Things At Once

It's not a good idea to overwork your battery. If your automobile battery is older, it may not have the same charging capacity as it once did. If you're running all your car's electronic accessories and have various devices plugged init, it can be overkill. Also, we strongly advise against plugging tablets or laptops into your carports. 

Hot Temperatures

The next culprit that can harm your battery is heated. Once summer rolls around in Erie, PA, you have to be extra cautious with your battery. When it is exposed to heat for long periods, it can leak acid and corrode. Try parking your car in a garage or under the shade to avoid wear and tear. 

Driving Too Short of Distances

If you are only making small trips with your car, your battery will be doing all the work. Short trips don’t give enough time for the alternator to recharge your battery. Just remember to take your car out for a drive every now and then if you’re not using it as much so that your battery can stay “active”.


If you need your battery tested in time for spring and summer, we invite you to come by Harrell Automotive. Our professional technicians will happily assist inspect your battery and let you know whether your battery needs to be replaced. Please call or visit our Erie auto repair shop today!