We Proudly Offer BG Products & Services

  • Full engine diagnostics

    dpp Harrell Automotive has a full range of engine Diagnostic and Evaluation services.

    Common symptoms and problems:

    The engine light is on, the car cranks but will not start. We would evaluate the vehicle using both visual and electronic diagnostic tools to complete a test of the vehicles ignition system, fuel system, the system pressure, compression and block tests. Our state of the art diagnostic tools will provide error codes to help pinpoint the problem.

    The engine light is on but the car is running great. We would suggest bringing your car in right away, underlying problems may not always be apparent, we can interface with you vehicles onboard computer and provide you with a complete list of diagnostic codes.

    The engine is running harsh, there are strange noises coming from the engine compartment, gas milage has declined, or the engine is hesitating, stalling or knocking. Our mechanics are highly trained to quickly and efficiently diagnose these types of problems. Both a visual and electronic test/evaluation of your vehicles' ignition and fuel systems, fuel pressure test, compression and block tests typically lead us to the engine's problem.

    You can save money in the long run by having engine problems diagnosed and fixed when they first appear. Its much better to spend $30 on a new oxygen (o2) sensor than $700 on a catalytic converter that was damaged due to the o2 sensor failure.
  • Transmission work/rebuilds

    dpp Harrell Automotive has a full range of transmission services, from rebuilding, to repairing to installation of a new or remanufactured transmission.

    When rebuilding your transmission the transmission is disassembled and inspected, worn or damaged parts are replaced and then reassembled to factory specifications, along with new gaskets, seals clutches and bands. This can be cost effective solution to your transmission problems. This procedure is a custom process performed by our transmission specialist.

    Other options include purchasing a remanufactured or new transmission and having our experienced team install it. There are costs and benefits we will weight together in order to ensure you're getting the best value for your dollar.
  • Brakes

    dppBrakes are critical in keeping your family safe on the road. If you hear a high pitched squeaking noise or a grinding sound when you brake, then your brake pads need replaced or your rotors need to be repaired or replaced.

    Common symptoms:

    If you hear a noise or pulsing while braking, grinding, low pedal, soft pedal, your brake light is on, ABS light on or notice brake fluid leaking on your caliper please schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

    We will road test your vehicle along with a complete driving inspection, checking on hydraulics, fluid levels, hardware inspection, friction testing and get back to you with a complete evaluation report along with a recommended solution.

    We can help you decide the best course of action based on our experience with your vehicle, budget and driving habits. Not everyone needs high performance ceramic brakes and slotted rotors, but if you do we have them available and typically get the job done in a day.

  • Alignment

    dpp Aligning a car or trucks wheels is an elaborate process that brings the car's suspension into its proper configuration, positioning and adjusting components so that wheels are aligned with one another and the road surface.

    Common symptoms:

    If you feel like your vehicle is drifting to one side of the road, even though you are going straight. If you feel a shutter in your wheel when going straight. If you are driving straight and you wheel is off centered. These are all common symptoms of alignment problems.

    Our specialized alignment hardware and trained technicians will get your car moving safely down the road quickly. Our certified mechanics will adjust the various suspension angles, such as the toe, thrust, camber and caster, so your vehicle's tire movement and position are aligned. Our trained mechanics will also ensure that the steering wheel is centered.

    Uneven tire wear can cause havoc on 4WD vehicles causing serious and costly transmission and differential problems. We highly recommend keeping wear levels the same on all 4 tires.

  • Heating / Air Conditioning

    dpp Your car's engine is the power source for both heating and air conditioning systems. The A/C also shares components from other parts of your vehicle's system. A lot of things happen when you turn on your A/C.

    Common problems: AC blows hot air, no air from vents when AC or heat is on.

    We can perform a complete test and evaluation of vehicle's AC system. These diagnostics includes pressure testing and injecting dyes. Often times you're A/C system needs refilled with coolant. We will calibrate your AC system using the correct refrigerant type and system capacities.

    Other less common problems are issues with the compressor, condenser, receiver/dryer or accumulator, orifice tube or expansion valve and/or the evaporator core.

  • PA State Safety Inspections

    dpp The state of Pennsylvania has a mandatory state vehicle inspection program. The purpose of the safety inspection is to keep you and the other drivers on the road safe. And the purpose of the emissions tests are to help cut down on vehicle related air pollution.

    We are in the business of making sure your car meets PA requirements and making sure you are safe when driving the vehicle.

    Unlike some other shops, if its apparent your vehicle will not pass inspection due to a glaring deficiency (balding tires for example), we will tll you before starting the inspection, saving you time and a wasted $25 inspection fee.

    We want to earn you're trust and business at Harrell Automotive.

  • Emissions and OBD Emissions

    dppEmissions testing consists of the following systems in your vehicle: ignition, air induction, fuel metering, early fuel evaporative, air injection, positive crankcase ventilation, evaporative emission control, exhaust gas recirculation, and exhaust gas conversion.
  • Tire Mounting and Balancing

    dpp We know balanced tires can be the difference between a good or bad driving experience. Some vehicles and driving habits are more sensitive to and cause an out of balance tires. There is no need to put up with a vibration on the steering wheel.

    An out of balance tire can adversely affect may aspects of ride quality. This may include shortening the life of your tires, bearings, shocks and other suspension components. If you have a vibration that is more noticeable when driving around 40-45 mph and increases as your speed increases, it's probably balance related.

  • Engine and Vehicle Fluid Services

    dppMaking sure your fluid levels are correct greatly impacts the longevity of your vehicle.

    Oil levels and especially important. One part of making sure your vehicle is running its best involves fluid levels and types.

    Based on your driving habits synthetic oil may be more suitable for your car. As always, we review your manufacture's recommended fluid types and levels to ensure our products meet or exceed those recommendations.

    Fluid services includes coolant service, transmission, service power steering service, brake service and more. Overheating is one of the most common engine problems, making sure your fluid levels are correct is an inexpensive way to avoid a very expensive engine replacement.
  • Diesel performance parts

    dpp If you're looking to increase the performance of your truck or want to add an aftermarket part to give your vehicle a signature style, then call us today.

    Services we offer:
    Cold Air Intake kit, K & N and AFE, installation
    Airbag installation
    Exhaust System installation, Banks and MBRP
    Exhaust brake installation, Pacbrake and BD
    FASS Fuel Supply pump installation
    Gale Banks Engineering kit installation
    Gauge kit installation, Isspro and Edge
    Head Studs installation
    Performance chip, tuner and box installation, Edge, Superchips, Smarty, H and S, BD, EFI Live, Banks
    Performance Injection Pump and Injector installation
    Performance Intercooler installation
    Performance Turbo installation
    Steering and Suspension Upgrades
    Transmission Coolers